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The Teacher Network of Latin America and the Caribbean was founded in 2003, the outcome of an international conference of Pedagogical Universities held in Chile. On the occasion of this meeting, the network was formed through the adoption of the Santiago Charter. KIPUS is a partnership of people and organisations - pedagogical institutes and universities; faculties of education; ministries, non government organisations, teacher trade unions, researchers, teachers, and principals - committed to the human and professional development of teachers. Active members of the KIPUS Network, are all those who believe that strengthening the role of teachers is a key element in educational change, and that change is only made possible through the sharing of our common knowledge, referents and accumulated experience, and by learning from knowledge generated elsewhere. Network members acknowledge their own capacity for learning and generating learning. This attitude is deemed essential for working in joint projects aimed at advancing the teaching profession so that equity and quality in education may eventually become a reality for all the population.

Network objectives and lines of action
The KIPUS Network strives to place the teacher issue among the public policies of the various countries. In this sense, we are working as a group to further education across the region.

Why the name KIPUS?
”Quipus” was a communication system or a mechanism for recording information, statistics or historical events used by the Andean people. Some also claim it represented a method for collecting data to inform planning, as well as a major accountability tool. The KIPUS Network hopes to be all of the above: a space for knowledge, exchange, experience sharing, cooperation and accountability. We feel part of this multicolour array of fibres as unique and as diverse as the Latin American and Caribbean people themselves.

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